Es Campur (Mixed Ice) Recipe a la Indonesian People usually make


(Resep Es Campur Indonesia)

Es Campur is one of the culinary heritage of Indonesia. Es Campur in Indonesia has many kinds. If thirsty, Es Campur could be a cure. especially if taken by the time that is increasingly hot (Hot Weather). Es Campur can be made with various fruits are mixed into one place. Es Campur recipe is not difficult to make, from materials readily available,  it does not take long time in the making.

The following is a recipe ingredients of Es Campur a la Indonesian people  in generally :

1. Sweetened condensed milk (white / chocolate)

2. Pure Water

3. Ice cubes

4. Syrup with anything taste you want

5. Fruits that you like

6. Black grass jelly (Indonesia mean Cincau Hitam) cut into small pieces to add freshness

7. Basil (Indonesia mean Selasih)

8. Nata de coco / coconut juice

9. Seaweed

How to make :

First, prepare a place (large bowl is better) to make the water of Es Campur. Why should the water first? Because when stirring later, the ingredients such as fruits is not destroyed. Then, Prepare the milk and syrup in amount you want to, then mix it with pure water. Stir until well blended. If it not sweet enough, you can add more syrup.

Secondly, Enter the ingredients mixed into the water of Es Campur that has been prepared First. You can add or subtract the ingredients according to better taste that you want. To add freshness, you can add black grass jelly or seaweed.

Third, put the ice cubes into the Es Campur. You can also shave the ice cubes for interesting look. Pour the milk on the ice that has been shaved. You also can replace the ice cubes with ice cream to suit your taste.

Now You Ready to taste how freshness the Es Campur ( Mixed Ice a la Indonesia).

Enjoy 🙂


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